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Northwest Freeway Municipal Utility District - Water Plant No. 3


  • Client: Northwest Freeway M.U.D.
  • Project Manager: Dennis Sander, P.E.
  • Project Location: Harris County, TX
  • Project Status: Complete 2007
  • Project Cost: $2,000,000
  • Project Reference: Spencer Creed, Attorney for the District - Schwartz, Page & Harding, L.L.P. (713) 623-4531

Project Summary and Scope – Before Water Plant No. 3, Northwest Freeway Municipal Utility District owned and operated two water plants. However, because there is no nearby development, the District did not have an emergency water source. If the District experienced difficulties with Water Plant No. 2, Water Plant No. 1 would not be able to supply adequate water to the District’s customers without rationing.

Sander Engineering designed Water Plant No. 3, which consisted of a 1,200 GPM well, a 300,000 gallon ground storage tank, a 20,000 gallon hydropneumatic tank, and four 850 GPM booster pumps. Sander Engineering Corporation designed the facility and providedcons truction phase services during construction.


West Harris County Regional Water Authority ("WHCRWA") Contract 12B


  • Client: WHCRWA
  • Project Manager: Erik Miller, P.E.
  • Project Location: Houston, TX
  • Project Status: Complete 2008
  • Project Cost: $2,444,000
  • Project Reference: Glynda Cross-Paris, P.E., Project Manager - Dannenbaum Engineering (713) 527-6495

Project Summary and Scope – Contract 12B for the WHCRWA included 12, 16, 20 and 24-inch waterlines to serve Jackrabbit Road Public Utility District water plants. The project included a combination of open cut and trenchless construction technologies through open areas, residential streets and the crossings of two high traffic thoroughfares. SEC prepared the preliminary and final design, project specifications, final engineering report, final cost estimates and engineering services during construction. Additionally, SEC identified and prepared the easement descriptions required on behalf of the utility district. The project is located in far west Houston and included approximately 9,400 linear feet of waterline and appurtenances. The construction cost for the project was $2,444,000, there were no change orders.