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Sander Engineering - How We Work

Sander Engineering Corporation is a full service consulting engineering firm specializing in water, wastewater, storm water, and pavement engineering. The firm offers its engineering services in four generalized disciplines.

Our experience includes the design of:

Some of the projects completed by our firm over the past few years are summarized on our website. These projects are representative of the public sector projects that SEC is routinely involved. All of the projects presented have been completed within Southeast Texas. A brief description and details for each project is presented along with the reference contact information. In addition to the projects listed on our site, Sander Engineering Corporation has conducted numerous sanitary collection system inflow/infiltration studies to determine the condition of existing sanitary sewers, prioritize the repairs to the sewers, and to determine the most cost effective repairs to the sewers and, when needed, prepare reports to address enforcement orders.

Over the past several years, SEC has rehabilitated thousands of linear feet of sewer pipe (and associated manholes) ranging in size from 8-inch through 36-inch using remove and replace, cured-in-place and pipe bursting. SEC is also responsible for various permitting requirements and permit renewals for our MUD clients including waste treatment discharge permits and water quality permitting. SEC has successfully requested waivers and variances from the State for such issues as elevated storage, the 75/90 rule for wastewater treatment plants, etc. SEC also has experience in the financing of projects through bond applications and grant programs. In the past ten years, SEC has prepared numerous bond application reports for our municipal utility district clients totaling nearly $200 million.