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City of Sugar Land Lift Station Rehabilitation

Project Summary and Scope – Evaluation and rehabilitation of the City’s lift stations. To date, 41 lift stations have been evaluated and 25 stations have been rehabilitated. The lift station sizes vary from small two (2) pump stations to major multi pump installations. Rehabilitation typically consists of replacement of the pumps, piping and electrical controls, including landscaping and site improvements.


Various Clients - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation


Sander Engineering has rehabilitated approximately 150,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer in recent years to minimize groundwater and surface water infiltration. Sanitary sewers have ranged in size from 8-inch to 36-inch diameter pipe. Existing pipe materials have been ABS Truss, clay, concrete and PVC pipe. Typical problems being deteriorated pipe, cracks, joint misalignment, sages, root intrusion, various forms of blockages and poor installation. The primary method of rehabilitation has been Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) along with Pipe Bursting, Slip-lining and Remove and Replace. Concurrent with the sewer pipe rehabilitation, SEC typically rehabilitates associated manholes with liners to address groundwater infiltration and the installation of inflow protectors to minimize surface water intrusion. We have performed this service for many of our utility district clients, the City of Houston and the City of League City.